NPDL Character

Introduction to the 6C's

6 Cs

The Deep Learning Competency Framework focuses on a set of six future skills, the '6C's. Use the multimedia resources and prompt questions with your staff to create a shared understanding of the 6Cs including:

  • What is Character?
  • Unpacking Character in the Classroom
  • Curriculum Connections
  • Learning Progressions
  • Assessing and Measuring
  • Leading a Character Professional Learning Session in Your School
  • Ideas to Try
    • New Pedagogies
    • Learning Partnerships
    • Leveraging Digital
    • Learning Environment


Deep Learning Competencies

The Deep Learning Competencies, better known as the 6C's, are the skill sets each and every student needs to achieve and excel in, in order to flourish in today's complex world. These competencies form the foundation for the New Measures and NPDL teachers use the Deep Learning Progressions to assess students; current levels in each of the six Deep Learning Competencies. They combine this with information about student achievement, interests, and aspirations to get a clear understanding of what each student needs to learn.

To find out about the Victorian schools participating in the initiative go to New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: A Global Partnership.

 Click here to find out more about the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Global Initiative.

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