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Learning to deep learn, armed with the essential character traits of grit, tenacity, perseverance, and resilience; and the ability to make learning an integral part of living..
Limited Evidence
  • Learners are easily discouraged by challenges
  • Learners require considerable direction and structure to complete tasks and reflect upon learning
  • Learners are unable to articulate what, how and why they need to learn
  • Learners need support and encouragement to deal with setbacks and negative feedback
  • Learners need guidance to identify their own interests, knowledge and skill base and in getting started and making decisions about their work.
  • Learners are beginning to see errors and feedback as opportunities to learn
  • Learners are building their skills in planning, choosing and deciding upon the what, how, when, who and where they approach their learning
  • Learners deal well with small-medium challenges and setbacks
  • Learners can identify their own interest and knowledge base, what to learn next and why
  • Learners can plan their learning with occasional support to provide good opportunities for them to learn more autonomously
  • Learners welcome feedback as an opportunity to learn
  • Learners are developing grit, tenacity and perseverance in their approach to learning
  • Learners can make decisions for themselves, take responsibility for and self-regulate their learning
  • Learners know and use strategies to address setbacks e.g. pause & reflect
  • Learners are skilled at working out what they need to learn next and at setting learning goals
  • Throughout the learning process, learners use reflection and feedback to rework and/or better design future learning experiences
  • Learners create their own learning opportunities to build knowledge and skills
  • Learners actively seek feedback and use it to better their learning
  • Learners can work through challenges and setbacks (grit and flexibility)
  • Learners confidently support others through challenges.
  • Learners proactively take responsibility for their own learning and improvement
  • Learners have highly developed grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience and understand their importance in life, work and the world
  • Learners can connect self-regulation and responsibility to authentic experiences

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