NPDL Communication

Leading a Communication Professional Learning Session in Your School

Here is a suggested session program aimed at building the understanding of staff about Communication.

Duration: ~45 minutes

Professional Learning Activity Suggestions:

1. Introduce the Session

(1:00 min)

"Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing." Rollo May

The aims of this session are to:

  • Build staff understanding of what one of the 6Cs: Communication means in the context of NPDL
  • Explore ways in which deeper communication can be incorporated into teaching and learning.

2. Communication Your Understanding

(~30:00 min)

Ask participants to break into 5 different groups.

Give each group one of the following Communication Deep Learning Progression Dimensions:

  • Coherent communication using a range of communication modes
  • Communication designed for particular audiences
  • Substantive, multi-modal communication
  • Reflection on and use of the process of learning to further develop and improve communication
  • Leveraging digital: exploiting the potential of the digital tools and resources available

The task is a communication task:

  • the task will take 30 minutes
  • the presentation will be 2 minutes only

Provide the following instructions for the groups:

1. Find out as much as you can about Communication Dimension you have been allocated. For more information visit the Introductory page and the Learning Progressions page.

2. As a group, decide on how you are going to communicate your knowledge about this Dimension to the whole staff. You can use any strategy you like and any resources to support you, including digital technologies. Think outside the box. Be imaginative and creative in your communications. Ensure that you understand what will resonate best with your audience (your peers) by answering the following questions:

  • What choices will you make about how you will communicate your findings?
  • What will excite, motivate or worry your audience and how will you address this?
  • How will you synthesise the ideas and information you have found into a coherent 2 minute presentation?
  • What digital tools will you employ to add value to your presentation?
  • How will you maximise the effectiveness of your communication?

3. Demonstrating Understanding

(~10:00 min)

Each group has 2 minutes for their presentation.

During the presentations, ask the remainder of the staff to think about the entire Learning Progressions page and how effectively each group is demonstrating their capabilities.

4. Reflection

(~5:00 min)

Once all groups have presented, spend a short amount of time reflecting on:

  • What they have learned about Communication?
  • How might they incorporate this learning in their classroom?

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