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"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." Peter Drucker

Video: Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

In this useful talk, the sound expert demonstrates the how-to's of powerful speaking — from some handy vocal exercises to tips on how to speak with empathy. A talk that might help the world sound more beautiful.

How does this talk affect your understanding of communication?

Watch the video and consider the following:

  • Discuss the "seven deadly ways of speaking" with your students, what are their thoughts?
  • What do your student's think of "HAIL"?
  • Can you incorporate powerful speaking into your classroom?

Read: Multimodal literacy: What does it mean for classroom practice?

Access the article at Australian Literacy Educators Association: Multimodal literacy: What does it mean for classroom practice?.

The article discusses evidence from recent classroom research where 16 teachers worked in teams in nine primary school classrooms to develop new ways of embedding technology for literacy learning.

Read the article.

Consider the following:

  • What main ideas does it present?
  • What are your views on this research?
  • What implications do these ideas have for your classroom practice?

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