NPDL Creativity

Leading a Creativity Professional Learning Session in Your School

Here is a suggested session program aimed at building the understanding of staff about Creativity.

Duration: ~50 minutes

Professional Learning Activity Suggestions:

1. Introduce the Session

(1:00 min)

"Children are naturally curious. Stimulating learning means keeping their curiosity alive." Ken Robinson

The aims of this session are to:
  • Build staff understanding of what one of the 6Cs: Creativity means in the context of NPDL
  • Explore ways in which deeper creativity can be incorporated into teaching and learning

2. use a film prompt

(20:00 min)

Watch the short film: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

This will provide you with a focus for the group activity which follows.

3. Modified Rapid Ideation

(25:00 min)

Break participants into groups of 4-5.

Provide them with a sheet of butcher's paper and sticky notes.

Using the Rapid Ideation process, each group is to brainstorm their ideas about the following question:

What does Creativity look like, sound like and feel like?

(This can also include brainstormed ideas for nurturing student creativity in their own classrooms.)

Step 1: Individual Brainstorming on sticky notes - 5 minutes (They write one idea per sticky note).

Each participant begins brainstorming on their own (one idea per sticky note) within the set brainstorming time of 5 minutes. The aim is for each individual to have generated as many ideas as possible within that time.

Step 2: Small group sharing and categorising - 10 minutes

Each group member now shares their sticky note ideas with the rest of the group and places them on the butcher's paper. It is up to the group how they want to present this collection of their own ideas. However, as they are sharing their thinking, ask them to link those ideas that are similar/the same to each other by placing them together on the butcher's paper. They might even think of a title or heading for these mini-collections of idea categories.

Step 3: Whole group sharing - 10 minutes

Ask each group to share what they have discussed about what Creativity looks like, sounds like and feels like.

As the sharing is happening, provide feedback and reflect on:
  • The difference and diversity of the group presentations
  • How each group arranged their ideas
  • The commonalities across the groups.

4. Wrap it up

(4:00 min)

This PL session has helped build an understanding of what Creativity means in the context of the 6 Cs.

It may be worthwhile summing up on what you now know as a group about the value of Critical Thinking and also feeding back to everyone on how deeply they analysed and synthesised their thinking during this session.

Finish with the leading question you used as an extra prompt during the Rapid Ideation activity:

Following today's PL session, what ideas do YOU now have for nurturing student creativity in your own classroom and how are you going to make this happen?

Ideas to Try may help to get them started.

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