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The Critical and Creative Thinking Assessment tool

Critical and creative thinking is integral to students becoming successful learners.

To support schools to implement the new Critical and creative thinking curriculum, the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) engaged the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to develop an online Critical and Creative Thinking Assessment Tool.

The assessment tool includes a set of statistically valid assessment tasks for Levels 1 - 10 that allow teachers to map learner achievement and progress learning. This tool is not a mandatory assessment. Schools may choose when and how it is most appropriate to use this tool in their teaching and learning programs.

The tool is available from the Insight Assessment Portal and includes:

  • Teacher Site where teachers can preview and assign tasks to students and mark student responses
  • Student Site where students can complete their assigned task.
  • There are 32 tasks
  • Tasks are divided into stages, which have a nominal relationship to year level
  • Each task is comprised of a number of items
  • Indicative time allocation.

Each task has an electronic interface that includes some stimulus material and a series of questions. Each task is based around one or more pieces of stimulus material such as a video, pictures, written information, or sound files. The stimulus materials are designed to be appropriate for the corresponding levels.

Students complete a series of questions for each task. Most of the questions require a short written answer. There are also multiple choice and drag-and-drop questions. Each task is designed to be completed by an individual student. There are no group tasks.

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To access the tool go to: Critical and Creative Thinking Assessment Tool.

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