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What is creativity?

Creativity in students is vital. It enables them to be ingenious, imaginative individuals who can find, pose and solve problems with an open mind; making connections, interpretations, taking risks, learning from mistakes and exploring new possibilities.

Creativity engages learners and helps them prepare for the world of work and to shape their future lives. It inspires students to see who they are and envisage what they can do, to realise their potential and what they can accomplish.

What does deep Creativity look like?

Economic and social entrepreneurialism

Learners have a real talent for identifying opportunities to create economic and social value by solving important real‐world problems or finding unrealised opportunities. They have a relentless drive to question the status quo and imagine completely new futures where lives are better and the world is changed. They are able to look across the talents and resources around them to see who and what they need to bring together to make it happen. And they do.

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Asking the right inquiry questions

Learners have developed a high level of skill in framing problems and posing questions and wonderings that open up thinking and possibilities. They actively generate, work with, and grapple to understand ‘big ideas’ using a range of important thinking processes and skills. They ask questions that challenge and disrupt the ‘status quo’ and have a genuinely curious and open‐minded approach to defining and exploring real‐world issues.

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Considering and pursuing novel ideas and solutions

Learners have an eye not just for novel ideas but for solutions and ways of thinking that could be game changers. They have good instincts for how to pursue these ideas all the way to fruition. Learners are highly skilled at outside the box, creative and innovative thinking that works in the real world, makes a difference in people’s lives, and improves quality for people, environment, and economy. Solutions have clearly been thought through from multiple perspectives.

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Leadership for action

Learners are skilled at challenging the status quo and still bringing people with them to create deep change. In addition to having solid action‐oriented leadership skills, learners have genuine courage to pursue a task, and they inspire and excite people about it. They have a "make it happen" attitude and the perseverance and vision to lead a task or experience all the way through to outcomes, negotiating any minefields along the way.

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Kid President: How To Change The World (a work in progress)

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Leveraging digital: exploiting the potential of the digital tools and resources available

Learners used digital elements ubiquitously throughout the task in powerful ways to find and develop creative ideas and support effective leadership for action. Learners can articulate in detail about how each digital element has helped them build more creativity into their work in ways that could not have been achieved otherwise, and can apply that understanding to new and different contexts.

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Google Earth Hero: Save the Elephants

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