NPDL Critical Thinking

Leading a Critical Thinking Professional Learning Session in Your School

Here is a suggested session program aimed at building the understanding of staff about Critical Thinking.

Duration: ~45 minutes

Professional Learning Activity Suggestions:

1. Introduce the Session

(1:00 min)

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

The aims of this session are to:
  • Build staff understanding of what one of the 6Cs: Critical Thinking means in the context of NPDL
  • Explore ways in which deeper critical thinking can be incorporated into teaching and learning

2. Session Theme

(5:00 min)

Watch the short film: Can't lie on the internet

This film is a humorous way of introducing the theme for your professional learning session.

Spend some time discussing the value and importance of building critical thinking skills in today’s students (use the information provided throughout this DigiPub to help you here).

3. Why is Critical Thinking important?

(30:00 min)

For this activity, you will use a PMI (Plus Minus Interesting) process.

Spend 5 minutes discussing how this process will work (see below).

Ask participants to break into pairs and pose the following scenario to them:

Critical thinking is vital for our students to be able to succeed now and into the future and needs to be a learning focus in our school.

On their own sheet, each pair draws up their table.

Step 1: Fill in the ‘P’ column (give them 3 minutes to do this).

Step 2: Fill in the ‘M’ column (give them 3 minutes to do this).

Step 3: Fill in the ‘I’ column (give them 3 minutes to do this).

Step 4: Facilitate a whole group discussion about the findings and potential course of action for your school (20 minutes).

4. Wrap it up

(10:00 min)

This PL session has highlighted the importance of Critical Thinking using a graphic organiser tool (PMI) which helps foster critical and creative thinking.

It may be worthwhile summing up on what you now know as a group about the value of Critical Thinking and also feeding back to everyone on how deeply they analysed and synthesised their thinking during this session.

Finish with one leading question for staff to think about:

Following today’s PL session, what are YOU going to do Monday, to incorporate critical thinking strategies in your class

Ideas to Try may help to get them started.

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