NPDL Critical Thinking

Unpacking Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Use this excerpt from the 21CLD, Australian Implementation Toolkit with your staff to discuss what collaboration looks like in the classroom.


Learners benefit significantly from explicit scaffolding to guide their thinking about the transfer of concepts, skills and processes into new and different contexts as well as opportunities to actually apply their knowledge in new situations.

Some sample question scaffolds:

  • "Where might you be able to use this?"
  • "In what other situations important?"
  • "How might this be useful to you in the future?"
  • "Think of another subject (key learning area) where you could use this."
  • "Think of a past situation where you could have used this."
  • "How might you be able to use this with your family?"
  • "What might be some real-world applications for this?"

Excerpt from 21CLD, Australian Implementation Toolkit, Microsoft, 2013

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