Digital Deck
Digital Deck

Digital Deck

The Digital Deck is a set of cards which provides a quick overview of the range of digital resources available to schools. Each of the resources has a description, advice for getting started and classroom ideas.

The Digital Deck starts with an overview of some of the eduSTAR software available for schools. It also explores other digital resources and tools building in complexity along a capability continuum:

  • Foundation
  • Emergent
  • Innovative
  • Transformative

Digital Deck to download as an iBook

Interactive PDF to download as an interactive PDF for use on PC (please note this is a very large file)

FUSE package to access a FUSE package where the deck has been split into sections and individual cards.

Ideas for using the Digital Deck

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use the cards as a starting point to plan professional learning activities related to teaching strategies (e.g. Brainstorming) or specific tools (e.g. Freemind). View the videos and extra resources to help plan your session.
  • In professional learning sessions ask teachers to choose the card that would best suit a classroom activity or key skill e.g. move making, gathering and analysing information, presenting data and use the cards to explore classroom activities.
  • Conduct a jigsaw activity where individual teachers choose a card to investigate how the technology could be used in the classroom and then share their findings with the group.
  • Provide teachers who are trying new technology with the appropriate card to use as a reference to support them.
  • Keep in a folder in the staff room as a resource for teachers to learn about new technologies.

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