Digital Technologies Curriculum

Focus on Early Years at Aitken Creek Primary School

Aitken Creek PS

Aitken Creek Primary School (ACPS) prides itself in being an early adopter of digital learning. When the national draft of the Digital Technologies curriculum was released, ACPS saw this as a fantastic opportunity to engage staff, students and the wider school community in the future of digital learning at the school. As more than half of the student enrolments at ACPS are at Years P–2, the school has focused heavily on introducing the new curriculum in the early years.

Prep students spent weeks investigating robots through inquiry learning; playing with them, collecting and representing data about them, pulling them apart and putting them back together again. Students gained a sense of how digital systems work, rather than only focusing on how to use them.

In addition, students in Years 5 and 6 took part in a Code the Future project, working with a software developer for six weeks. Students used Intel Galileo Boards to design and create their own projects. A classroom monitoring system that measures temperature and an encryption machine that allows users to send and receive ‘secret’ messages being just some of the innovative ideas that students explored, designed and built.

ACPS has focused on providing professional learning for staff as well as other schools in the area, developing four sessions around the new Digital Technologies curriculum to enhance teachers’ understanding and confidence. To engage parents, ACPS has hosted family events that focused on coding challenges for parents and students to complete together. 

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