Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students

Unit 15

Revisiting the self-evaluation process

Literacy Home

Revisit the Checklist for the Implementation of Independent Reading (filed in your folder or online) to assess your progress in Independent Reading, classroom libraries and reading conferences and to decide on new goals.

Apart from the items in the checklist, some general questions you might ask of yourself are:

  • What work have I done in Read-aloud and Shared Reading, and in Guided Reading to enhance students' Independent Reading?
  • In particular, what have I been able to include about the use of comprehension strategies as a result of the learning in UNIT 14?
  • What additional goals do I have in relation to the teaching and learning about comprehension strategies?
  • How has the students' selection of texts for Independent Reading improved?
  • What ideas have I implemented to improve our classroom library?
  • What purposeful reading experiences have I introduced to enhance Independent Reading time?
  • What have I noticed about our share time at the end of the reading/literacy/English sessions?
  • Using the checklist as a guide, has there been progress made with more areas evaluated at an ‘Achieved' or ‘In Progress' level?
  • What is my next major goal to improve conferences?

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Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students