Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students

Unit 3

Defining independent reading

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The following document will help you to clarify any issues you may have in understanding this course's definition of and approach to Independent Reading, as distinct from other practices that have the same, or a similar, name. It will highlight the importance of students self-selecting their texts and why they should learn how to choose ‘just right' reading material as well as both easy and challenging texts for different purposes.

You have a critical role in Independent Reading which is also outlined. It is important to grasp the relationship between Independent Reading and other reading experiences and practices such as Read Aloud, Shared Reading and Guided Reading. It is also essential that you understand the relationship between the teaching of reading and students' Independent Reading. So read the document with these ideas in mind.

Read: Independent Reading: Definition and clarification, the role of the teacher, links to other teaching and learning.

Think about how this document has added to your knowledge of Independent Reading and the teaching of reading and make some notes about what you have learned. Is there anything you could add to or change about your current teaching? Set yourself at least one goal, decide how you will achieve it/them and set a realistic date for achieving each goal.

  • If there are further questions that you need answered jot them down and continue with the course seeking further knowledge and answers to your questions.
  • A teacher and school literacy coach, Jacqueline Wisniowski from Melton South PS, emailed Diane Snowball, seeking further clarification about Independent Reading. Read the email and response to clarify further aspects related to Independent Reading.

Go to: Email from Jacqueline Wisniowski. Read the email and the response, and note any further information you have gleaned from the response.

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Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students