Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students

Protocols for using the resources in this professional learning course

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To support the professional learning in this course several teachers agreed to be filmed while engaged in their normal classroom practices, even though they were trying out new ideas they were learning about at that time. This filming began in 2009 and so the teachers will have moved further along in their own professional learning, but they are willing to allow you to view the film clips as part of your professional learning.

Film clips of actual teaching can generate discussion, help to build common understandings and inform teaching practices.

As you view and discuss any film clip for the purpose of observational learning you will benefit from the images you see of colleagues and students who agreed to be filmed. They signed agreements to be recorded, expecting professional treatment. We ask that you exercise viewing ethics while using the film segments provided. Suggested ethics include:

  1. Focusing on the viewing intentions as suggested for each film clip;
  2. Avoiding making judgements about anything viewed;
  3. Discussing and commenting as though the persons in the film clip are in the room with you.

Have you also read the Introduction and the How to Use this Professional Learning Course pages?

Please note: The copyright of all videos and articles in this digital publication belong to Diane Snowball and should be viewed only in the context of this professional learning course.

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Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students