Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students

Unit 7

Observing effective reading conferences

Go to Film Clip:

Caroline Springs College: Yr 5 Reading Conference with Gabrielle Stormont and Luka

Observe this film clip all the way through to see a reading conference in action. You will be asked to view it again later to note specific details of the conference.

Now go to Film Clip:

Movelle PS: Yr 1 Reading Conference with Nazlia Edwards and Kayla

Observe this clip all the way through to see another reading conference in action.

  • What did you notice about the similarities in the two conferences?
  • What questions do you have about reading conferences?
  • Note your observations and questions. You will have documents to read about reading conferences and other film clips to view so your questions are likely to be answered as you continue in this course.

Now go to Film Clip:

Victoria University SC: Year 7 Reading Conference with Clare Mercadante and Justin.

Observe this film clip of a Year 7 conference. What are the similarities when compared with the other two conferences? You have probably observed that Justin was a struggling reader, but he is gaining so much confidence because his reading selection is more suitable for his needs and also his teacher is able to be very specific in the feedback and the assistance she could give Justin.

When interviewed after the conference Justin said that he used to dislike reading but he really loved it now that the whole approach of classroom libraries, independent reading and individual conferences was happening. This meant that he was reading more and knew what to work out to improve so he was becoming a much better reader and wanted to read even more.

It is obvious that Justin's other teachers needed to also be knowledgeable about the level of material Justin required to be able to read independently and that more complex material needed to be used as enlarged text for Read-aloud or Shared Reading with the class. Other students required this same sort of support too.

Go to: Guide for Viewing Film of Reading Conferences

  • Familiarise yourself with this guide prior to viewing the film clips again.
  • Print three copies of this guide: one for each of the three reading conferences you have already viewed.
  • View each of the film clips again, this time to notice specific details of each conference. During the viewing of each film clip use the guide to record your observations in response to the questions posed in the guide. You may need to view each clip more than once.

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Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students