Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students

Unit 8

The components of a reading conference

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There are some standard components which assist the teacher while conducting a reading conference. Most components are essential for an effective reading conference but sometimes a component is not relevant in a particular conference.

Both Luka's teacher (Gabrielle) and Kayla's teacher (Naz) were able to cover all necessary components for an effective reading conference but those reading conferences show teachers and students who were not totally new to this practice at the time of filming. Justin's teacher (Clare) was able to cover all of the components for an effective conference and Justin was certainly aware of his strengths and needs.

The teachers already knew each student as a reader including their personal interests and attitudes to reading, and had a picture of each student's reading development, gleaned through previous reading conferences.

Go to: Reading Conferences: Assessment for Teaching and Learning. This article will outline for you the definition of a reading conference and then explore the topic. This will include an outline of the Components of a Reading Conference with italicised notes explaining in detail what to do in each of the components. It is a document that you may need to refer to often as you practise reading conferences with your students.

Read this document and reflect on your understandings about reading conferences based on the film clips you have viewed and this document.

Compare these ideas with the way you are conducting reading conferences and make changes to your conferences if you think they are necessary.

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Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students