Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students

Unit 24

Helping and hindering readers

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Go to: What Helps Readers Develop? and What Can Hinder Readers in Their Development?

  • Print and read each extract or read online.
  • Create a T chart for yourself.
  • On one side put the heading, What Helps Readers Develop? and on the other side, What Hinders Readers from Developing?. Select the most important details from each document and think about your own practice as you are listing the details. These documents capture the philosophy and practice about Independent Reading and reading conferences espoused in this course.
  • From the extracts find a few meaningful quotes that you could use to remember important points. For example:
    ‘We know that the modelling has a lasting effect: children do what they see others do.'(p6)
    ‘Providing instruction that is responsive to the learner's needs is key.'(p5)
  • Finally, ask yourself, ‘Are my students developing a self-extending system of literacy expertise?' If they are not doing this you may need to review how useful your feedback is for your students and how much you are asking them to be metacognitive about their reading strategies and if you have a system of recording the conference discussions for both the students' and for your purposes.

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Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students