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Deforest ACTION

Years F-10

Deforest Action

To understand the causes, impacts and politics of deforestation at the local and global level and become involved with learners from around the world in creating a global action plan against deforestation. The DeforestACTION thematic classroom is a customizable, virtual classroom that allows educators and learners to access a range of interactive online tools, resources and learning activities related to deforestation. The classroom is equipped with various technology tools including blogs, discussion boards, live video chat and hosts learning activities for primary and secondary-level learners. SDG #15 Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Learning Areas



Natural, managed and constructed features of places, their location and how they change (VCGGK068)


Design and Technologies

Investigate food and fibre production used in modern or traditional societies (VCDSTC025)


Civics and Citizenship

Examine the concept of global citizenship (VCCCC017)


Influence of people, including the influence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, on the environmental characteristics of Australian places (VCGGK094)

Describe and explain interconnections within places and between places, and the effects of these interconnections (VCGGC087)



Land and resource management strategies used by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples to achieve food security over time (VCGGK137)

Predict changes in the characteristics of places over time and identify the possible implications of change for the future (VCGGC127)

Environmental, economic and technological factors that influence crop yields in Australia and across the world (VCGGK134)

Human alteration of biomes to produce food, industrial materials and fibres, and the environmental effects of these alterations (VCGGK136)

Challenges in feeding the current and projected populations of Australia and the world, and responses to these challenges (VCGGK138)


Changing social, cultural, historical, economic, environmental, political and technological conditions on a major global influence in Australia (VCHHK159)


Interactions between organisms can be described in terms of food chains and food webs and can be affected by human activity (VCSSU093)


Design and Technologies

Investigate and make judgements on the ethical and sustainable production and marketing of food and fibre (VCDSTC057)

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