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Girl Rising

Years 5-10

Girl Rising

Learners will discuss the causes and factors that limit education for all and through Sustainable Development Goals:

#4 Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

#5 Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

#10 Reduce inequality within and among countries

#11 Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable Education, which is at the core of all human development, is a basic human right, so Human and Child Rights are an intrinsic part of this project.

Through the film, Girl Rising, learners will see nine girls in the developing world who confront tremendous challenges and overcome nearly impossible odds to achieve their dreams and obtain a quality education.

As part of their discussions with other classes, students are encouraged to share ideas about what they can do to ensure that all girls and boys in the world have the right to a quality education.

Learning Areas


Please note this Global Project supports 5-10 Learning Areas.


Please note this Global Project supports 5-10 Learning Areas.


Health and Physical Education

Investigate how celebrating similarities and differences can strengthen communities (VCHPEP114)

Civics and Citizenship

Explain how and why laws are enforced and describe the roles and responsibilities of key personnel in law enforcement, and in the legal system (VCCCL013)


The different experiences and perspectives of Australian democracy and citizenship, including the status and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, migrants, women, and children (VCHHK094)

Personal and Social Capability

Explore and discuss behaviours that demonstrate sensitivity to individual, social and cultural differences (VCPSCSO029)

Define and recognise examples of stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice and discuss how they impact on the individual (VCPSCSO030)


Health and Physical Education

Practise personal and social skills to interact with others (VCHPEP060)

Investigate the impact of transition and change on identities (VCHPEP123)

Examine the benefits to individuals and communities of valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity (VCHPEP132)

Civics and Citizenship

Identify how values can promote cohesion within Australian society, including the values of freedom, respect, inclusion, civility, responsibility, compassion, equality and a ‘fair go’ (VCCCC025)

Economics and Business

Consider the ways in which work can contribute to individual and societal wellbeing (VCEBW016)


Analyse the different perspectives of people in the past (VCHHC100)

Changes in society and the perspectives of key groups affected by change including the influence of law and religion (VCHHK110)

Ethical Capability

Explore the contested meaning of concepts including freedom, justice, and rights and responsibilities, and the extent they are and should be valued by different individuals and groups (VCECU014)

Personal and Social Capability

Investigate human rights and discuss how these contribute to a cohesive community (VCPSCSO039)


Health and Physical Education

Evaluate factors that shape identities, and analyse how individuals impact the identities of others (VCHPEP142)

Investigate how empathy and ethical decision-making contribute to respectful relationships (VCHPEP146)

Civics and Citizenship

Discuss the key principles of Australia’s justice system, including equality before the law, independent judiciary, and right of appeal (VCCCL034)

Economics and Business

Explain the links between economic performance and living standards, including the variations that exist within and between economies, and give reasons for the possible causes of variations (VCEBR022)


Interconnecting causes of spatial variations between countries in selected indicators of human wellbeing (VCGGK150)


Significant events and influencing ideas in the development of the society, including different perspectives of the events at the time and different historical interpretations and debates (VCHHK135)

Causes of World War I, the reasons why men enlisted to go to war, and how women contributed in the war effort (VCHHK139)

Effects of World War I, with a particular emphasis on the changes and continuities brought to the Australian home front and society (VCHHK142)

Significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including Australia’s involvement in the development of the declaration (VCHHK151)

Causes of the struggle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for rights and freedoms before 1965 (VCHHK152)

Analyse the different perspectives of people in the past and evaluate how these perspectives are influenced by significant events, ideas, location, beliefs and values (VCHHC124)

Causes and developments of the major global influences on Australia (VCHHK158)

Ethical Capability

Explore a range of ethical problems and examine the extent to which different positions are related to commonly held ethical concepts and principles, considering the influence of cultural norms, religion, world views and philosophical thought (VCECU020)

Personal and Social Capability

Acknowledge the importance of empathy and the acceptance of diversity for a cohesive community and reflect on the effectiveness of strategies for being respectful of diversity and human rights (VCPSCSO048)


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