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Years 3-4


Learners investigate family, community, national and international celebrations and special places to develop understanding about the importance of heritage. They will describe personal and family celebrations and special places to understand diversity of thoughts in their class and share with another class elsewhere. Learners will broaden their concepts of family celebrations by examining cultural and national heritage in Australia and another country. They will explore the meaning of the word heritage and how it is valued in various cultures.

Learning Areas


Please note this Global Project supports 3-4 Learning Areas.


The Arts

Identify and discuss how ideas are expressed in artworks from a range of places, times and cultures, including artworks by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (VCAVAR028)

Health and Physical Education

Examine how success, challenge and failure strengthen personal identities (VCHPEP088)

Civics and Citizenship

Describe the different cultural, religious and/or social groups to which they and others in the community may belong (VCCCC007)


Similarities and differences in individuals’ and groups’ feelings and perceptions about places, and how they influence views about the protection of these places (VCGGK083)


Describe the significance of Australian celebrations, symbols and emblems (VCHHC071)

One significant narrative, myths or celebration from the past (VCHHK075)

Significance of days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia and the importance of symbols and emblems, including Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Harmony Week, National Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC week and National Sorry Day (VCHHK076)

Significance of celebrations and commemorations in other places around the world (VCHHK077)

Intercultural Capability

Compare their own and others cultural practices, showing how these may influence the ways people relate to each other (VCICCB005)

Explain the role of cultural traditions in the development of personal, group and national identities (VCICCD007)


Please note this Global Project supports 3-4 Learning Areas.


Please note this Global Project supports 3-4 Learning Areas.


Please note this Global Project supports 3-4 Learning Areas.


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