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The Digitween Project

Years 5-6


Learners frame an understanding of the world through connected experiences using a design thinking model involving the individual, the social and the cultural spheres to foster better understanding of the process of collaboration. Using online locations - Wiki, Google docs, Google Groups and site, Edmodo, Skype, Fuze, Flat Connections blog and Ning for teachers.

Learning Areas


Please note this Global Project supports 3-6 Learning Areas.


Civics and Citizenship

Investigate why and how people participate within communities and cultural and social groups (VCCCC006)

Intercultural Capability

Compare their own and others cultural practices, showing how these may influence the ways people relate to each other (VCICCB005)

Describe what they have learnt about themselves and others from intercultural experiences including a critical perspective on and respect for their own and others cultures (VCICCB006)

Explain the role of cultural traditions in the development of personal, group and national identities (VCICCD007)

Identify how understandings between culturally diverse groups can be encouraged and achieved (VCICCD008)


Civics and Citizenship

Identify different points of view on a contemporary issue relating to democracy and citizenship (VCCCC015)

Investigate how people with shared beliefs and values work together to achieve their goals and plan for action (VCCCC016)

Examine the concept of global citizenship (VCCCC017)

Digital Technologies

Plan, create and communicate ideas, information and online collaborative projects, applying agreed ethical, social and technical protocols (VCDTDI029)


Please note this Global Project supports 3-6 Learning Areas.


Please note this Global Project supports 3-6 Learning Areas.


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