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Igniting Maths Engagement at Crusoe College

School case study

Crusoe College has been implementing its IGNITE Mathematics Course in all Years 7-9 classrooms since 2013. The course is based on rich tasks for developing mathematical understanding rather than traditional textbook based exercises, is differentiated for ability levels and relies on student choice.

Technology has two critical roles in the process:

  • to support students' independent learning skills by providing an instruction video for each task that contains both the instruction for completion of the task and the explicit teaching of the mathematical concept
  • the collection of evidence that a student has completed a particular task. Each student has their own blog, to which they upload evidence of their completion of the task.

How it works



Further Information


Find out more about Maths at Crusoe and view their teacher and student videos at the Crusoe Vimeo page

Maths at Crusoe from Crusoe on Vimeo.

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