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Mathematics software and resources

Wolfram suite

The Wolfram suite of products is internationally recognized as powerful learning tools across STEM. It has applications in the areas of computation, problem modeling, coding and more. It also enables the creation of resources and assessment. The suite includes the highly regarded Wolfram Mathematica (including Mathematica Online), WolframAlpha Pro, SystemModeler and Wolfram Programming Lab.

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Mathematica is a general-purpose mathematical software with a broad range of functionality include graphical, geometric (2-D and 3-D), numerical, symbolic, financial and statistics. It enables visualization and computation collaboratively. Students can source banks of real life data and turn complex mathematical language into everyday talk. Mathematica prepares students with tools that are Industry standard.  It is widely used in universities across the world and by the top Fortune 50 companies. 

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WolframAlpha is described as a computational knowledge engine particularly useful with mathematical and scientific information. It uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you.

WolframAlpha Classroom Resources:

WolframAlpha snippets are downloadable and editable examples linked to the Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics 7-10/10A and applicable VCE studies.

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