Minecraft - Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition: Implementation Tips

How you implement Minecraft: Education Edition within your school is entirely up to you. Below you will find some tips that may help you get started.

Video: One Educator's Journey with Minecraft: Education Edition

Follow one educator's journey as she brings Minecraft: Education Edition into her classroom. Katja Borregaard, an educator at Skt Josefs Skole in Roskilde, Denmark, first experienced Minecraft in early 2016. Since that time, she participated in the Minecraft: Education Edition beta and is currently learning with and from her students as she integrates it into existing curriculum.

 Tips for getting started with Minecraft: Education Edition

  • Read the blog post: 12 tips for Getting Started with Minecraft: Education Edition by Minecraft Global Mentor, Simon Johnson, who has compiled a list of simple tips and tricks that has helped his Minecraft journey and that may hopefully help others too.
  • Know your tools: Make sure you are familiar enough with the game and the world you are about to use. If you are using a lesson from education.minecraft.net make sure to play through the world yourself from the point of view of the student.
  • Grouping: Are the students working in groups, pairs, or alone? Are they all working on their own computers or sharing? Grouping can be a powerful tool as it can foster collaboration and communication.
  • Tap your resources: Your students might be experts of Minecraft - don't let this intimidate you. On the contrary, give them the possibility to use their knowledge and teach others, yourself included. Giving responsibility to students can engage them in ways you couldn't imagine.
  • Use the Tutorial: If you and some (even if not all) of your students are unfamiliar with Minecraft, it's a good idea to start with the tutorial world.

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