VCE Visual Comminications

Teacher story


Christina is an experienced Visual Communication and Art teacher at St Bernard’s College in Essendon.

Christina is keen on developing her skills in a range of digital technologies and being able to share them with her students and colleagues. She is also keen to learn digital skills from her students as well.

Illustrator is a key software program used by designers professionally and Christina believes it is a great advantage to be able to get students familiar with the basics of this and provide opportunities for students to transform their manual drawings into digital drawings to achieve a higher quality final. Christina’s aim is to have the students comfortable with using Illustrator by the time they begin their Unit 4 folios so that their skill set is strong enough that they can use and explore the various tools in creative ways.

Some students required greater encouragement to use the tool as they felt daunted by not being able to easily navigate around the program. Christina would often demonstrate a specific tool so students could first watch and then practise themselves. Often students would teach her and the other students about different features of the program – Christina feels that she has developed a real sharing community in the classroom.

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