VCE Visual Comminications

Teacher story


Claire Gallagher is a Visual Arts teacher at Wangaratta High School. She developed a Visual Communication Design blog that she used as a platform to host resources, links and tutorials as well as encourage students to upload work and contribute to online class discussion. The use of the blog also enabled students to take ownership of their work and ideas. Students were provided with details on how to log in and contribute to the blog. Students were also encouraged to make their own blog to host their own work and concepts.

The blog initially took some time to be used by all students, and was more popular with some students then others: a handful of students struggled to make regular access―some did not have internet access at home while others were not motivated to explore it. However, through encouragement, regular updates and reminders to explore this digital tool (including during class time for students who do not have internet access at home) it was a vital component of the Visual Communication Design class for Claire and her students.

Claire found that the visual impact and layout was not only important to her but also to her students. She ensured that the blog was clear and user-friendly yet also aesthetically pleasing.

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