Mathematica Tutorials

Classroom instruction: Teaching and Learning with Mathematica

This course gives a tour of functionality relevant to teaching and learning, along with case studies and best-practice suggestions for course integration. Topics include making your classroom dynamic with interactive models and a survey of computation and visualization capabilities useful for teaching practically any subject at any level. Sign in with your Wolfram ID to download the notebook and follow along with this 30 minute tutorial. Find out more.

Hands-On Start to Mathematica

Follow along in Mathematica as you watch this multi-part screencast that teaches you the basics—how to create your first notebook, calculations, visualizations, interactive examples, and more. Find out more.

Other useful resources for educators

  • How to create a lecture slideshow - Learn how to create a slideshow for class that shows a mixture of graphics, calculations and nicely formatted text with live calculations or animations
  • Wolfram Training Education Courses - Access on demand live courses on Mathematica, SystemModeler and other Wolfram Technologies.
  • Wolfram Demonstration Projects - Download pre-built, open-code examples from a daily growing collection of interactive visualisations, spanning a remarkable range of topics.
  • How to Topics - Access step-by-step instructions ranging from how to create animations to basic syntax information.
  • Learning Centre - Search Wolframs' large collection of materials, for example calculations or tutorials in your field of interest.

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