Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College

'Maker' Education Event 1

In 2014, Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College trialled a new Digital Technology curriculum, involving learning basic electronics and computer programming by building their very own robots following attendance at a professional learning workshop led by Gary Stager. In the Gary Stager workshops teachers and principals played with basic robotics, electronics and programming kits (like MaKey MaKey and Hummingbird).

In implementing the Digital Technology curriculum, the school built larger spaces where students could leave half-finished projects and created a showcase area where they could display their inventions. They painted the tables with whiteboard paint so students could spontaneously sketch out ideas. This approach supports the school’s view that the role of a teacher is to activate their own natural inclination to learn and to build a platform to encourage students to drive their own learning.

Following the trial, in 2015 the Digital Technology curriculum was offered as an elective. Due to popularity of the new offering, this year the school offered the Digital Technology curriculum at Years 8, 9 and 10.


See how the students at the Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College immersed themselves in the school's first 'Maker' Event.

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