Schuyler St Leger and Victorian student makers

Innovation knows no age barrier

A 14-year-old with a passion for taking things apart and rebuilding them presented his own seminar during Education Week.

Schuyler St Leger from Arizona, USA has become an international advocate for the art of making thanks to his innate curiosity in everything technology, from electronics to software and robotics.

'My love for making started when I learned to knit,' Schuyler said. 'It just took off from there. I loved the idea of being able to build something from nothing.'

It didn't take long before Schuyler had completely immersed himself in a world of technology and creating. At the age of just 11 ye​ars old, Schuyler was delivering presentations on how 3D-printing worked and even presenting its potential to students of all ages across the United States.

During Education Week in Australia, Schuyler partnered with tech giant Intel, to deliver a virtual presentation to Victorian students across the state called, 'Making' with Schuyler St Leger.

Alongside similarly talented young Victorians student makers, Schuyler's presentation covered how he got his start in the field, what he likes to make and how other kids can get involved.

'Don't be afraid to take things apart, break them and learn how they work,' Schuyler said. 'That's what fascinated me with making and technology, being able to see how something works and to put it back together and even improve on it.'


Watch the webinar hosted by Schuyler and Victorian student makers Bohan, Mark and Bailee who share their experiences of tinkering and making.

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