How to host a 'Maker' event at your school

What is a 'Maker' event?

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'Making' is a global movement for all ages and backgrounds and skill levels that is combining science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the creative arts to create rich community learning experiences.

‘Maker’ events are fun and highly interactive and are designed to facilitate 'making' experiences that encourage discovery, exploration, and problem solving. The events provide and time and place to share what students have made and to share their skills and thinking with others. At a ‘Maker’ event everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.

Participants in 'Maker' events engage in complex problem solving, tinkering and inventing using new and old technologies. 'Making' brings to life the curriculum elements in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) approach to learning and teaching. 'Maker' events are structured to enable students and teachers to experience many of the exciting hands-on digital technology design and technology resources available to schools today. These events have very strong ties to the new Victorian Curriculum - Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies curriculum areas.

Students are highly engaged when they have the opportunity to tinker, create and problem solve using traditional craft materials, Makey Makeys, Circuit Stickers, Scribe Pens, Spheros, Squishy Circuits Wearable Technologies, Mindstorm Robotics and much more.

Maker Faires are the most recognised ‘Maker’ events and many are run in various locations across the globe. They are community-based, family-friendly festivals of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. They attract tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists and students. These ‘Makers’ demonstrate their inventions and skills and understand the benefits of sharing their learning journey. Two things that each of these Makers have in common is that they are life long learners and that they are real life problem solvers.


What do you need to do to host a 'Maker' Event at your school?

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  • Hosting a Maker Event at a School - use the tips in this Student-led 'Maker' Event checklist which provides a guide on how to assist teachers and students plan, implement and evaluate a student-led 'Maker' Event at your school.
  • Maker Faire - explore this website to get ideas on what you could do at your school's 'Maker' event.

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