'Making' in your school

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It's easy to start 'making' in your school. You can set up a small 'Maker' space for your students to start exploring. Creating a place where learners have space and materials available for hands-on learning sets up opportunities for students to learn from each other, finding help and advice for work they are undertaking. 'Maker' spaces allow students to be in charge of their own learning and take ownership of projects they have not just designed but defined. 'Maker' spaces are places where students become comfortable with failing as an important part of the learning process.

When beginning 'Making' it may be appropriate to concentrate on a particular curriculum area such as science, design and technology or digital technology to provide new content and skills. Skill building sessions are a good way to expose learners to basic information about a topic. Learners can then apply their new knowledge and skills in a cross curriculum project. Learners can design and create something new which can be showcased in a 'Maker Faire' or public event.

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