What is Making?

'Making is the act of creating something'. When we talk about 'Making', we mean a broad variety of pursuits involving crafting, 3D design and printing, robotics, woodworking, knitting, electronics, soap-making, pickling, cheese-making, and the list goes on. It means a DIY attitude, curiosity, experimentation, invention and sharing and collaboration between amateurs.' Make Magazine

Students boats

'Making' will help you to:

  • Change your mindset (become a Maker)
  • Become a better learner 'teacher hat off, learner hat on'
  • Transform your relationships with your students
  • Discover the power of working together
  • Engage with your community in new ways
  • Learn to fail
  • Embrace the concept of 'hard fun'
  • Make your classroom more sustainable


See how Maker Educators in the USA define what 'Making' is in K-12 settings

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