Who is a 'Maker'?

Student electronic thread

  • A 'Maker' is someone who learns by doing.
  • 'Makers' believe that if you can imagine it, you can make it. Makers see themselves as more than consumers - they are productive; they are creative. Everyone is a 'Maker', and our world is what we make it.
  • 'Makers' seek out opportunities to learn to do new things, especially through hands-on, DIY (do-it yourself) interactions.
  • 'Makers' surprise and delight those who see their projects, even though the projects can be a bit rough-edged, messy and, at times, over-stimulating.
  • 'Makers' comprise a community of creative and technical people that help one another do better. They are open, inclusive, encouraging and generous in spirit.
  • 'Makers' celebrate other 'Makers' - what they make, how they make it and the enthusiasm and passion that drives them.
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