'Making' - Why now?

Jackie Gerstein believes we are experiencing a Perfect Storm in Education.

The Perfect Storm

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Invent to Learn's three 'gamechangers'

New technologies have the potential to provide powerful learning experiences and they are affordable and within the reach of schools and individuals.

In the book Invent to Learn Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez talk of three 'gamechangers'.
  • Fabrication: technologies such as CAD software, 3D printers and laser cutters are enhancing creativity for users and they allow learners to design and build real life objects
  • Physical Computing: allows learners to create machines that interact with the environment. Makey Makey, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Lego Robotics(to name a few) all provide an interface between the user and an array of sensors, motors, switches and LEDs
  • Programming: gives learners the ability to control a computer by giving it a series of instructions in a language that can be 'understood' by both the programmer and the computer.
Read more in Invent to Learn, Martinez and Stager, Chapter 7: The Gamechangers.

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