Microsoft in the Classroom

Planning: Windows 8 in the Classroom

With a new Windows device, it can be just as easy to solve equations as it is to write essays. Students can access applications that help them compose music, plug into powerful science tools, or use Skype to practice a new language with a sister school overseas. All this can be done by using a single, flexible, lightweight device.

Why educators love Windows 8 for education

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On a Windows 8 Device you can use all your regular eduSTAR software applications as well as access to over 400,000 Apps and use cloud services such as Office 365.

Windows 8 devices have many functions that benefit educational settings. These include:
  • Devices are a full PC as well as a touch-tablet so they provide access to full versions of software programs as well as Windows 8 apps
  • Windows 8 and Office 365 software are used in most schools so teachers and students are familiar with their use
  • the inclusion of a digitised stylus or pen allows users to mark up documents and creative files, write notes and gather electronic signatures
  • Palm Block Technology eases the handwriting process as it stops the device from moving while being held or on a surface
  • Cloud storage via OneDrive allows anywhere anytime access to your files
  • fast processing speed
  • large internal memory storage
  • ability to connect to internet via Wifi and Bluetooth
  • peripherals such as a fully operational keyboard, mouse and multiple ports, including USB, increase usability and portability.

Apps, Programs and Cloud Services

Window 8 devices can assist your students to:
  • collaborate, share ideas and work on projects through document sharing via SharePoint Online and OneDrive, and a variety of ways to connect, create and produce - from email to instant messaging - via Lync
  • interact with voice, touch and pen making it easier for students to find their notes quickly, resulting in deeper learning experiences
  • access the internet and connect to each other safely and securely
  • multitask as Windows makes it easy to switch between applications and display multiple applications on screen side by side
  • work offline as apps or Microsoft Office can be installed on your Windows device
  • by having simple USB connectivity they can hook up to USB printers, microscopes, data loggers, temperature probes, projectors and more.


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