Microsoft in the Classroom

Preparing for Microsoft in the Classroom

Microsoft has worked with several schools to develop the Microsoft Education Design and Deployment Guide. This guide provides schools with a framework to envision, plan, implement, evaluate and expand 1-to-1 learning in their schools.

Phase 1: The Compelling Case for Change

This phase creates a solid foundation for a 1-to-1 initiative, with a clear vision and actionable, measurable goals.

Phase 2: Redesign Learning and Teaching

This phase focuses on rethinking and redesigning all aspects of teaching practice and the learning experience, based on the information garnered and ideas developed in Phase 1.

Phase 3: Lead the Shift

The vision and goals have been set. It’s time to turn the vision into reality, theory to practice by developing and initiating strategies in four key areas:
  • Change
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Professional Development

Phase 4: Manage Implementation

Explore and implement strategies for getting school faculty to understand and then take ownership of the vision and goals.

Phase 5: Evaluate Continuously

Create a funding strategy that provides equal and excellent access to the learning opportunities 1-to-1 makes possible.


Partners in Learning Strategic Innovation Workshop on Continuous Improvement

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