Planning for 1-to-1

Implementation Checklist

Download the Implementation Checklist (PDF) and Considering a 1-to-1 Program.





The decision to implement a 1-to-1 program, made in consultation with the school community, should consider three key areas:

School Policy and Governance

  • What are the policy and governance implications that need to be raised with the school community, and addressed to enable a successful and equitable 1-to-1 program?
  • What digital citizenship, acceptable use and responsible behaviour initiatives are required to ensure productive use?

Teaching and Learning

  • How will technology be used to re-shape and enhance the way students learn and engage with the world?
  • What teacher professional learning is needed to enhance capability, confidence and effect change in the classroom, where it matters most?


  • What are the infrastructure and technical support requirements both initially, and over the lifetime of the device?
  • What are the cost implications and risks associated with various procurement models?
  • If implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model what device, or devices can be brought to school?

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