Planning for 1-to-1


School purchased technology (owned or leased)

School purchased class sets

Schools may choose to purchase class sets so that students have access to devices in their class. Schools will need to have policies on use of the devices, whether students can take the devices home, and replacement of lost or broken devices.


Schools may choose to lease devices in lieu of purchasing. The Department has negotiated a Preferred Leasing Facility to provide leasing of a wide range of ICT equipment to Victorian Government and Victorian Catholic schools. A school is not obliged to use the Preferred Leasing Facility, however, it is strongly recommended. Further information and FAQs on leasing can be found on the Department website.

When entering into leasing arrangements schools need to carefully review the contract conditions to ensure they do not incur additional charges. Note the key dates in the contract, the process for returning damaged devices and the service and support arrangements.


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