Planning for 1-to-1

Ensure teachers are confident and capable in using 1-to-1 devices

Improving student learning is at the core of any school professional learning strategy. While it is easy and natural to focus on the logistics of ICT integration, professional learning is the critical priority. A comprehensive ICT professional learning program needs to develop teacher skills and confidence, but most importantly, it must help teachers develop new pedagogies for using digital technologies.

Teachers should be provided with ongoing professional learning to support them to use technology and engage students in a way that was never possible before, leading to learning new things in new ways. This ongoing professional learning to support digital learning should be both within and beyond the school, and linked to the school's overall professional learning plan.

Learning and teaching with technology
Digital learning is any type of learning that is facilitated by technology and any instructional practice that is effectively using technology to strengthen the learning experience. The explicit and discerning use of digital technologies can transform the way teaching and learning take place. It is about using technologies effectively across the curriculum to provide unprecedented opportunities for richer choices and accessible, relevant, and high-quality learning opportunities.

For ideas refer to Considering a 1-to-1 Program.

The two models, SAMR and TPACK can be aligned to instructional models to assist with deeper conversations ensuring a considered approach to using technology for both surface learning and deeper learning across curriculum areas.

Video: Teaching with the SAMR Model: Warringa Park


The SAMR Model

The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) Model, developed by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura in 2006, offers a method of seeing how technology might impact on teaching and learning. It also shows a progression that adopters of educational technology often follows as they progress through teaching and learning with technology.

SAMR Model

To find out more about SAMR go to Ruben R. Puentedura's Weblog.

The TPACK Model

The Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Model is a conceptual framework espoused by Mishra and Koehler. Content, pedagogy and technology knowledge areas may be a useful organisational structure for defining what it is that teachers need to know to teach effectively with technology.


To find out more about TPACK go to

Have you considered?

  • What are the professional learning needs of your staff?
  • Have you developed a strong community of practice supported by coaches or mentors?
  • What support do your staff have to consider their pedagogy and extent that 1-to-1 devices are used for contemporary practice?


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