Planning for 1-to-1


Support documentation

Advice needs to be considered and prepared by your school in preparation for implementing a 1-to-1 program.

A number of these should already be in place, most likely as part of the school's Student Engagement Policy Guidelines, and may include:

  • Acceptable Use Guidelines
  • Internet and network guidelines (in line with existing DET advice) - at home and school
  • Take-home policy if school owned
  • Safe and responsible use
  • Software licensing
  • Student email
  • Use of chat
  • Electronic games guidelines; and
  • Printing credits - school-supplied v. student-purchased.

These guidelines should be discussed with the relevant members of staff and the school community.

Have you considered?

  • Have you discussed your guidelines with a range of audiences?
  • How will your guidelines be monitored?


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