Planning for 1-to-1

Technical support

Introducing additional devices into any school will have significant impact on technical support staff and resources. Consideration should be given to ensure adequate support is available to sustain your 1-to-1 program.

Providing adequate on-site technical support and service is essential in ensuring a 1-to-1 program runs smoothly. Therefore, ICT support must be carefully planned.

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Technical support to schools program (eduSTAR.TSS)

While schools retain responsibility for their overall technical support, DET assists schools to support their ICT environment through the eduSTAR.TSS program.

Technicians are engaged to provide proactive and reactive specialist technical support for ICT infrastructure, professional development and DET initiatives.

One specialist technician is the primary point of contact for each school, and is the usual technician attending on scheduled visits. Technicians work in schools during scheduled hours determined by network committees, not on call from school offices.

Students may find assisting classmates with technical issues a useful learning experience.

Have you considered?

  • Have you allocated and prepared a physical location for onsite support?
  • Have you considered purchasing spare devices?
  • How much will additional technical support cost?


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