Planning for 1-to-1

Preferred options

Identify a scalable, equitable and sustainable model that considers the total cost of the program.

Preferred options include:

The following considerations should be examined when considering which option best suits your school's needs.

Have you considered?

School Policy and Governance

  • How will you ensure equity around 1-to-1 access?
  • How will inappropriate use of student owned devices be managed?
  • How will you manage damaged equipment - both school and student owned?
  • Do you have an equity plan in place?

Teaching and Learning

  • Reviewing curriculum and pedagogy to guage the extent of contemporary practice?
  • What will need to be put in place to ensure effective implementation of a 1-to-1 program?
  • What is the level of technology skills and understanding of your staff of embedding digital technologies in classroom practice?
  • How will your school educate for safe, responsible and discerning use of digital technologies?


  • What is the current state of your ICT and infrastructure?
    • Infrastructure: Do you need to invest in more, or renew existing wireless points and backbone infrastructure?
    • Providing devices: Will the school purchase the devices, or go down the BYOD path? If going down the BYOD path, will the school set any expectations on the type of device to be brought to class?
    • Connecting devices: Do your students readily have access to their IDAM username and password to easily connect their 1-to-1 device to the wireless network?
    • Protecting devices: How will your school facilitate students having the Department's anti-virus and endpoint protection suite on their 1-to-1 device?
    • Supporting devices: Will your school require additional technical support to facilitate a successful 1-to-1 program? (In particular, BYOD programs will require increased support over the device lifetime, and even more support at the beginning.)

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