Planning for 1-to-1

Prepare a budget

When preparing your budget to support the 1-to-1 program in your school, you need to take into account additional costs over and above the cost of the device, such as internet, security, technical support, software licensing, professional learning and electricity costs. You will also need to ensure any issues around equity are addressed so no students will be disadvantaged.

It is recommended that schools account for the needs of their existing and future programs when planning their expenditure.

Authorised Suppliers

The Department has contracts with authorised suppliers for the supply of a range of ICT products and services that are available for schools.

Use of the Department's authorised suppliers is strongly recommended in view of a number of benefits, including:

  • Competitive pricing, including in most cases a three-year onsite warranty for hardware products
  • Ability to purchase without having to call tenders or obtain additional quotes
  • Provision of a supplier help desk for users
  • Equipment technically evaluated by independent, professional companies
  • Financial viability of suppliers assessed; and
  • Protection provided by the Department's contracts on warranty, pricing and problem resolution issues.

eduSTAR Hardware Catalogue

The eduSTAR Hardware catalogue provides school, staff and students with a list of recommended products (including computers) available for purchase from authorised suppliers.

edustar catalogue hardware

Have you considered?

  • Have you listed all the components that your 1-to-1 program will require including: the individual device, software, servicing and insurance costs, technical support and infrastructure support and initial and ongoing staff professional learning costs?


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