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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the contracted provider of web conferencing services for the Department. Adobe Connect is designed for teaching and learning and has a number of unique features that will enhance the Department's web conferences, particularly for its access via mobile devices.

Getting Started with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

The great features available on Adobe Connect include:

  • Customisable rooms - layouts can be configured and customised to suit the purpose of sessions. Rooms can remain open for recurring meetings and ongoing classes, and breakout rooms are available.
  • Collaboration tools - Adobe Connect offers screen sharing and remote access ability. Tools such as whiteboard annotation; Q and A, Voting and Polling and Chat are also available.
  • Rich media content - document files, video and images are supported in Adobe Connect.
  • Recording functionality - sessions can be edited to put in bookmarks/chapters; interactive elements such as links remain live; and shared files are available online and are exportable.

Technical support to use Adobe Connect

DET resources


A number of short videos have been created to demonstrate the functionality of Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect resources

User Guides

Access the user guides for assistance on how to use Adobe Connect:

Online Resources

Search through the community and resources on Adobe Connect:

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