Virtual Learning

Virtual worlds


Virtual worlds are complex simulated online environments that can be accessed by many people simultaneously. Some are known as ‘MMOGs’ – Massive Multiplayer Online Games. Some of these worlds are 2D with cartoonlike imagery, while others are quite realistic 3D environments. Some worlds are based on fantasy or historical eras, while others resemble the real world.

In virtual worlds, people use avatars (images and nicknames) to graphically represent themselves. Via these avatars, people can interact with one another in real time. Inhabitants can also manipulate many different elements of these worlds.

Visit the websites of some of these virtual worlds to read about their services. To become part of a virtual world, you will probably need to download the software to your computer. Create an avatar to represent you in the virtual world and you are ready to begin!

Examples of virtual worlds include: Club Penguin, Animal Jam, Poptropica and Skooville, which are aimed at primary school students. (Please note: these websites have membership fees).

Ensure you have parent permission for your students to use online virtual worlds.

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