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National Portrait Gallery - In your face

In your face

In early March 2015 a pilot program was delivered directly to the classroom from the National Portrait Gallery in the ACT. The Gallery reached out in particular to rural and regional DET schools, with the aim of the gallery's digital outreach program to encourage children to explore new ideas and ways of seeing and to respond creatively in order to understand and appreciate Australian history, people and art.

Lismore Primary School Principal Moira Turner was enthusiastic about the opportunities that this program will afford teaching and learning at her schoo by "...enabling the students to access the gallery without leaving the school. The program will provide an opportunity for our students to learn that pictures tell stories with an emphasis on and interactive way to compliment and study the various curriculum areas of History, English, Civics and Citizenship, just to name a few!"

In a Polycom session for Years 3 and 4 the students learnt about interpreting and offering informed opinions on portraiture. Content covered the power of portraits to tell a story and how these stories are communicated through specific works. Students consider what decisions artists have to make when they create a portrait and build a vocabulary to describe their own work.

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