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Language provision to Primary Schools

Trawalla Primary School

Primary Schools

The Japanese language program transmitted from Trawalla Primary School has been a leader in using blended learning technologies to teach a second language. Teachers Peta and Kentaro Ikeda currently teach 13 schools Japanese, 11 of which (328 students) are via a Polycom video conferencing unit. These schools are made up of clusters of schools and are located throughout Victoria. Students are immersed in Japanese using hands-on activities including cooking Japanese dumplings, movie making using iPads, and traditional Japanese dance and songs.

Peta believes the Japanese program is a fantastic way to offer a language program to schools which otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so. All of these are small regional schools that find isolation, affordability and teacher availability major obstacles when implementing these types of programs.

Both teachers generously offer their time to coach language teachers new to video conferencing.

Resources to support languages education 

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Two short videos have been created to demonstrate the benefits of Languages Education through Virtual Conferencing:

User Guides

Access the manual on how to set up or participate in languages programs using virtual conferencing:

Dimboola Memorial Secondary College

Following a successful ILPIC project, DMSC have been providing German Language classes via Polycom videoconferencing since 2012. The language teachers are based at DMSC, the schools at the commencement of each year, on a per session basis agree to payment arrangements. Schools include Yaapeet, Rainbow and Jeparit. A strong bond between the schools has developed with the Primary school students intermittently visiting the Science and Language Centre at DMSC for cultural activities. The classroom teacher and the virtual teacher operate much like a team, communication prior, during and following each session is vital.

Resources to support languages education

DET resources


Watch the 6 minute video depicting the virtual language provision pilot program as part of an ILPIC project. Dimboola Memorial Secondary Colllege providing language via videoconferencing to Primary schools in the southern mallee.

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