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Lost in the Bush

In the winter of August 1864, three young children were lost in the bush at Nurcoung near Mount Arapiles in Western Victoria. After nine days, Aboriginal trackers and a large search party found the children.

The story and courage of child Jane to care for her brothers captured the hearts of the Colony and England. The story became folklore and etched in history via the Fourth Reader for the Victorian Education Department until the 1960’s. A movie was made in 1973 depicting the story. A virtual program highlighting this incredible story, provided by the Learning and Teaching Branch, provides an integrated educational activity that extends the cross-curricular benefits and relevance to a wide age group.

Lost in the bush program

The program has the following activities that can be accessed at: Global2 site: Lost in the bush 2016

Lost Day - Videoconferencing session

  • watch excerpts from the movie
  • meet descendants of main people in the story
  • completion of classroom activities throughout the week.

Found Day - Videoconferencing session

  • meet the descendant of Aboriginal tracker, King Richard.

Writing competition

In 2014 Hannah Rhodes, a year five student from Neerim District Primary School wrote a poem which was accepted by the Department as a resource for other students. Hannah read her poem to all participants during the videoconferencing session. Her poem called 'Lost in the Bush' can be found on FUSE at:

Lost in the Bush: A Poem

Download the Lost in the Bush: A Poem

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