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Lavers Hill P-12 - Re-engaging dis-engaged students

Lavers Hill

Lavers Hill P-12 situated on the Great Ocean road in the Otway Ranges, is using their online course material to support disengaged students to re-engage with VCE education. Susan Collingbourne provides for students from other schools via videoconferencing as part of the Virtual Schools Networks model operating across various areas of Victoria. Susan uses a Moodle platform to support her delivery of learning material and activities to students without the need for them to physically attend the school. She now has expanded the use of her online resources to support a student to reengage with schooling to complete VCE English and English Literature. A partnership with West Vic Staffing in Colac has resulted in a blend of face-to-face support, online course material and virtual communication via digital communication tools. As time progresses, the face-to-face time will be decreased and the virtual components increased. Other at risk students are being identified as candidates for virtual engagement in education where attendance at school is not an option for them.

Lavers Hill is also entering into a partnership with a Korean school, incorporating a range of digital technologies, primarily Polycom. This is a great example of a small rural school making a big difference for students across Western Victoria.

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