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Trawalla Primary School: Painting murals with Japanese schools


In 2012, Trawalla Primary School was one of the first schools in Australia to be involved in the Japan Art Mile Mural Project. Trawalla P.S had regular video conferences with a friendship school in Japan where students learnt about one another’s culture and then painted a mural together using this knowledge.

During the video conferencing sessions the Australian students exchanged cultural boxes, taught the Japanese students how to play Australian Rules football and  watched a taiko drumming performance. In 2013 the project was extended by the school working with the seven small schools within their ‘Pyrenees Culture’ to complete a mural. These murals were exhibited at the UNESCO ESD World Conference and at the Hamatsu Global Fair in Japan.

Principal Kate Morcombe says of the 2013 mural project, “This is the second time that Trawalla students have participated in the Mural Project with a Japanese school. This time it was more exciting because we were able to include six other small rural schools from the Pyrenees Cluster. The launch of the finished mural was held here at Trawalla Primary at a Cluster Day. We were all thrilled to see how colourful and diverse the pictures were on the finished mural. Another positive out of the mural project was the opportunity for our students to link to the Japanese students by video conference, this was an authentic opportunity to practice their Japanese speaking and to see how school life in Japan is different to here in Australia. Peta Ikeda deserves a big thank you for arranging this opportunity and dealing with the logistics of seven schools working on the one Mural!”

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